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Mini Manic: "Nothin's Real" 

HADES is back!

Mini Manic, his duo with New Orleans-based vocalist and guitarist, Jillian Kay, has released its first song.

The music is published via HADES' independent Austin-area record label, Black Market Pluto.

"Nothin's Real" is a trip hop-drenched track with Jillian's deep bluesy vocals.

Jillian's tortured vocals pull you in while HADES' music sounds darkly urgent.

The poetic lyrics represent a soul looking for relief in a broken world.

Reflecting on the new music, Jillian Kay said:

"It's crazy how it came together so unexpectedly.

Hades hit me up to collaborate and at that point I'd never really explored into this genre of music. It felt experimental to me.

I was definitely intimidated at first, but we just opened up another cool little door. I'm excited to keep moving and exploring with this project."

There's an other-worldly feel to the sound.

It's as if ghosts are trying to help us see what they see...the invisible forces around us.

It feels like Janis Joplin was transported back here to settle some unfinished business of her soul.

In the verse:

"Simplicity pulls me out of the self-induced coma my soul's been exploring.

Sacred is broken, nothing aligns in normal formation for spirits as I'm Aquarian, 'I'-rrationally trying to rationalize."

In the chorus:

"Nothin's real...something else shows its face and nothin's real..."

The beat has dropped out and it's mainly manipulated effects behind her vocals.

It feels...ghostly.

Jillian's howls of "Nothin's real!" at the end of the chorus may be the most impactful moment.

I start to believe her (ok maybe I already agreed with her) but now I really believe!

It sends chills down my spine.

The unique sound perfectly captures a dark, cynical, (possibly) fatalistic view of human behavior.

In the next verse, a critique on society:

"Stand back while society burns down...

What's been found by the world's been twisted around, listening to conspiracy sounds."

HADES and I talked about the collaboration back in October.

He described it as "spooky and dark, and bluesy. It's nuts."

Maybe it really is like HADES from the underworld, giving us a glimpse into what hell is like. 

The spider-like key/guitar/horn parts tip toe around in the background shadows, starting at the end of the chorus. 

There are things going on underneath we don't completely know about. 

The spiders fully emerge at the end of the track while Jillian hums. 

I'm really imagining HADES the producer as the mythical HADES of the underworld... 

Locked away in this creepy, dark, candlelit room making music... 

While tortured souls stop by to record guest vocals. 

You can see silhouettes of spiders and cobwebs in the corners of the cold, stuffy, dusty room. 

Ok, I've combined Miss Havisham from Great Expectations with HADES of the underworld.

That's what this feels like:

A Miss Havisham-HADES musical mashup...

It's creepy and wicked.

Black Market Pluto expects to release more Mini Manic songs one by one...the next song expected by the end of November.

HADES said about the new music:

"I'm just hoping these songs find someone who enjoys them and shares them to other people who could potentially enjoy them.

That's what we are currently doing."

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