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Previous events

Beat Case + Bermudez Presents: "956 in the 512"

 — (CDT, UTC-05) — (CDT, UTC-05)

dadaLab, 2008 Alexander Ave, Austin, TX 78722

Suggested $2 at the door, Drinks $5.

Come check out electrifying beats, lyrics and trippy visuals in this diverse lineup.

Here are the artists performing:

DJ Monikkrome & Open Media (7:00-9:00pm)

Aggie (9:00-9:20)

Borderbread Franko (9:25-9:45)

Nicholas Whipps (9:50-10:10)

Evita (10:15-10:25)

Honeyrot (10:30-11pm)

💊 The Dose 💊

 — (CST, UTC-06) — (CST, UTC-06)

Carousel Lounge, 1110 E. 52nd St., Austin, TX 78723

Free show.

Starts with a DJ and Rap set from DJ Monikkrome (aka Monikker)...

Followed by comedy/rap performances from Austin comedy mainstay, Symply Courtney...

Alcohol options: buy bottled beer or wine at the bar OR bring your own liquor (bar has mixers).

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