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Laidlaw Media Podcast, Episode 2 

A brand new show from Laidlaw Media, headed by Configaration Records CEO and producer, Configa.

This is the second episode.

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In #2, Configa begins an artist spotlight series.

The first feature artist is Maddogg McGraw.

Submit your music to Configa if you want to be considered for a future show.

Next, Monikker recapped a few recent and upcoming hip-hop releases:

  • New Black Star!
  • Lil Kim's 9
  • Yelawolf's Ghetto Cowboy after his separation from Shady Records

Last but not least, Monikker talked about a new Eminem autobiography entitled Not Afraid: The Evolution of Eminem.

Michael Carter (aka MC Said) hopped on the mic to finish out the show.

He detailed a riveting re-telling of Eminem's life and career.

MC made some unique points and observations...even re-naming some of Eminem's albums based on new context.

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Hip-Hop Daily Dose #26: It's Diss Track Season 

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Produced by Configa and featuring MC Said, Monikker, and DA Donnieboy. 

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