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5th Annual Birthday Roast of Symply Courtney  

Folks from all over the state came to watch Symply Courtney get roasted for his 39th birthday…

Hosted at The Tiniest Bar in Texas on February 8.

Symply Courtney is a mainstay in the Austin comedy community…

He started his career doing improv at the Coldtowne Theater…

Back at its original Airport Blvd location over 10 years ago.

He now runs Symply Haha, which produces comedy shows in both Austin and San Antonio.

Host Jose Da'Hype (pictured left of Symply Courtney below) opened the show to introduce all the comics onto the stage…

Anastacia then sung her renditions of classic songs by Dolly Parton and Tina Turner… 

6 of Austin's best comics then took the stage to roast Courtney and the other comics.

Finally, DJ Monikkrome spun a 2000s throwback mix for an hour after the roast.

You can stream Monikkrome's mix here.

Here's the full crew with all the comics and musicians:

From left to right: Anastacia, Destiny Lalane, Dizzy, Tiffany Epiphany, Symply Courtney, Jose Da'Hype, Bryant Smith, Grace Morton, DJ Monikkrome.

Until next year…. happy birthday, Courtney!Β 

Thanks for being a pillar of the Austin entertainment scene.

(All photos taken by Kenny Clicks.)