Stuck on your ideas and feelings? Write it down.

Have you ever found yourself shooting down a creative idea before you fully explore it?

For instance, you have an idea for a lyric.

A project.

An invention.

A new method.

But instead of writing it down and allowing yourself to develop the idea, you shoot it down.

You think it's too cliche, too cheesy...

Or just not good enough.

Maybe you've experienced Imposter Syndrome like me.

One thing I've learned about creativity is this:

There's no such thing as a bad idea.

There are just better ones.

And it's usually subjective.

One person might think it's great and really relate to it.

Another person might not.

The more personal it is, the more universal it is.

We often think we're the only ones going through something.

It's a lie! 

So many other people are also going through a similar situation and can relate to you.

You just have to find them.

But you have to start somewhere!

Often, you start with an idea that's been done before many times, or is considered cliche.

But if you keep going...

If you allow yourself to process the ideas and thoughts that come with it...

It can lead you to a more original, developed idea.

It clicks and you can move forward with it.

The problem isn't with the idea itself, but how you feel about it.

Allow yourself to entertain an idea.

A great way to do this is by writing it down.

Then continue to write all thoughts you associate with it.

Let's do an example real quick.

This isn't even a creative idea - it's just a personal thought I have.

This is my journaling process to work through my feelings about a situation.

Take for instance: "I'm sad that _____ happened and I don't know how to move on."

I write down what happened.

I write how I'm feeling about it.

Then I keep asking, "Why?"

And also, "What else?"

What else are you feeling?

You write that down.

Ok, then...why am I feeling this way?

And what else am I feeling about it?

How does it make me feel about other things?

Ask "why" and "what else" a few more times and keep writing what you feel.

When you pinpoint WHAT you're feeling, then you can understand why you're feeling that way.

And also, what it means.

You can then approach it logically.

You see the situation from a different perspective.

A creative idea is often just a matter of perspective.

Changing your perspective on it can lead to different conclusions, which leads to a more informed action.

I encourage you to keep writing, and to keep asking "Why?" and "What else?"

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