One True Love (An Ode)

Melt in my mouth

Hard to find in the south

Years go by sometimes

I've been in love

Ever since my boy cousin made it on July 4th 

When I was eight or so

Not in love with my cousin but the plate he made

In Oklahoma

But I'd go anywhere for the cheesy, salty, spicy

Sticky, gooey, bold and saucy

If I could only eat one food forever

Exiled to an island for being the baddest

Or on my birthday with the wrong person

She got me my favorite food to comfort me

She knew what she was doing didn't she

But I'd eat it anywhere with anyone

Even by myself

I could never be vegetarian

Not for the steak or the burgers

I sacrifice the animal murders

Because without my one true love…

My life is sad daydreams out the window

More years of tears from the deprivation

Would my rap dreams ever come true

Living in a world without you

You're the peanut butter to my jelly

You're the beats to my rhymes

You're the reason I can sing and get up in the morning

You have powers for healing, Jesus

You could get me and my mom to speak again

So easy, just serve it on my plate 

I can do anything with you

You're my lasagna, my favorite food

My one true love

From now until the end of time


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