"The Bartender," a short story

The rapper walked into the oldest gay bar in town…

She headed to the bar to get a drink… and get the bartender's phone number. A few days later, the rapper went over to the bartender's apartment.

There were a sea of drunk Mexican men swarming the apartment parking lot. They did have a “rapey” vibe… but the rapper would never say that out loud to anybody.

The outside of the apartment smelled like beer and piss… but the inside was the complete opposite. It had been renovated and looked like a nice place to live… on the inside anyway.

They talked about psychology and other things that aren't important. Where are you from, how did you grow up, what brought you here blah blah. “I'm a full blooded Mexican,” the bartender said about her family life proudly.

The rapper asked the bartender where she learned to kiss like that. “Experienceee,” she replied with a cocky look. Truth be told, it was the best first kiss of the rapper's life. But… it didn't mean anything.

This was obvious the second time she came over to the bartender's apartment… who didn't even hide the fact she wanted a hook up. She also turned on a Netflix show… 9 seasons in, so the rapper just sat there lost the whole time.

The rapper had brought Karbach Love Street beers to enjoy together. But the bartender said she stopped drinking… something about getting into too much trouble lately. 

The rapper drank a couple of beers, but they didn't help her relax. Her thoughts raced as if she were fully sober.

The rapper's anxiety was about to explode. She wanted to date, not hook up. “All my relationships start like this,” the bartender said. “They all start with hanging out at my place.” 

The rapper needed to get out of there and decompress.

The bartender went outside for a few minutes to smoke a cigarette and say goodbye to the rapper.

There was a drunk Mexican man creeping down below them on the stairs. The smell of piss was all in the air. Why were people peeing outside of places that had toilets?

“You seem stressed,” the bartender said as she exhaled smoke.

She got up in the rapper's face and emphasized --

“You're Overthinking It!” 

The rapper hurriedly left the bartender's apartment for the last time and never saw her again…except at the bar… and in the rapper's bars.

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