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#40: Use Social Media (Don't Let It Use You)

A lot of people complain and argue on social media...often about politics. 

What if they continued that conversation on a blog post, podcast or video?

Then at least you're turning your complaints into something productive...the potential for…

#39: The Evolution of the Mixtape

The evolution of the mixtape goes hand-in-hand with the evolution of hip-hop and rap.

The mixtape has always been an effective medium for street music to be passed around.

I asked you on Twitter if you think…

#38: Is Hip-Hop Dead?

Another requested topic: hip-hop vs rap.

This is always an interesting discussion, often facilitated by Nas' 2006 album Hip-Hop Is Dead.

We ask is hip-hop dead?

No, it lives on in the underground, people say.

Mini Manic: "Nothin's Real"

HADES is back!

Mini Manic, his duo with New Orleans-based vocalist and guitarist, Jillian Kay, has released its first song.

The music is published via HADES' independent Austin-area record label, Black Market Pluto.

"Nothin's Real"…

Hip-Hop Daily Dose #31: Just Do It!

One of my marketing projects this year has had several hiccups.

We took awhile to create the product...

Took too long writing the marketing material for it...

The project leader likes tells us to "Jump out…