Amun Raw: PCP (Pretty Cool Person)

Dallas-based rapper Ari of the Clementines looks back to PCP (Pretty Cool Person), an experimental lo-fi project.

Ari of the Clementines recorded PCP under the pseudonym Amun Raw.

"I address the reality of the precarious situation I'd found myself in. My fear-based, lack mentality, social anxiety, and unhealthy coping mechanisms are all on display. Beyond the self loathing there are flashes of brilliance in the awareness and raw honesty displayed.

After a peak in vulnerability, bravado returns and the project ends with the last verse Amun Raw will ever record as 'he,' representing the past I'd found myself fettered to, pleads to be let go."

PCP is full of orchestral sounds, electronic beats, old soul samples, and manic tongue twisters.

The songs are simply titled 1-9 for the 9 tracks.

Song "9" is the lead single.

The beat sounds inspired by video games and '80s music.

Amun Raw is contemplative on the verses and lets loose with a growl on the chorus.

Four EPs will be released by Ari next year.

Hindsight 2020 is the first EP and will be released on January 22, 2020.


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