Haiku #10

Writing late at night
It feels like the Twilight Zone
This is not normal


Haiku #9

Define creative
Thoughts explode, won't ever stop
I am one of those


Haiku #8

Haunted nights alone
Though I'm with other people
Just me in my head


Haiku #7

As quick as you came
My guess is, that's how you'll leave
People come and go


Haiku #6

Therapist, not ex
Keeps no record of error
Blank slate every week


Haiku #5

The death of whiteness
It's slow and sad and silent
No talk about it


One True Love (An Ode)

Melt in my mouth

Hard to find in the south

Years go by sometimes

I've been in love

Ever since my boy cousin made it on July 4th 

When I was eight or so

Not in love with my cousin…

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Haiku #4

Only in my mind
The person I give my love
Waited for decades


Haiku #3

Coffee shops in town
Where I spend a lot of time
Thinking about thoughts


Haiku #2

Reading, writing, love
This is what I was made for
All in a night's time


Haiku #1

It was you, not me
I thought I had the wrong thoughts…
But it was your fault.


A Place To Write About

I looked for a place to write stories… 

I wanted to bleed in public, but without anyone knowing about it.

I liked the dive bar. It had the cheapest drinks in town. They were so cheap, the bartender didn’t even…

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