Marnino Toussaint: "The Code" feat. Savannah Cristina

South Florida-based rapper/singer Marnino releases new single "The Code" today.

It's a compelling mix of dreamy guitars, keys, hip-hop samples, and smooth vocals reminiscent of Drake.

Marnino seduces a woman, singing, "You know what I want, and…

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Hip-Hop Daily Dose: The First 15 Episodes

Monikker's daily "audio journal" is a podcast show usually between 10-20 minutes.

So far, the show follows Monikker's run during the Configa 16 bars competition (Monikker was a finalist in the competition picked by Chuck D and Configa).

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Amun Raw: PCP (Pretty Cool Person)

Dallas-based rapper Ari of the Clementines looks back to PCP (Pretty Cool Person), an experimental lo-fi project.

Ari of the Clementines recorded PCP under the pseudonym Amun Raw.

"I address the reality of the precarious situation…

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Hero: "Up and Away"

Fort Lauderdale rapper Hero releases breezy southern track "Up and Away." 

It's a fun summertime song and Hero seems to have no worries.

He's got a reason to celebrate. He's paid his dues.

Performing throughout Florida…

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